Ryoji Koike to Address Japan Drone Expo

The Japan Drone expo will include a session featuring Aerial Innovation CEO Ryoji Koike, speaking on commercial drones and Silicon Valley. Over 80 companies and organizations will exhibit at the expo, to be held March 24-26 at Makuhari Messe, the popular convention venue outside Tokyo. This is to be Japan’s first expo dedicated to the commercial drone market.


Ryoji Koike to Speak at ITU-AJ Seminars

Aerial Innovation CEO Ryoji Koike will be speaking at the ITU Association of Japan’s 49th Communications Seminars in Osaka on February 22nd and Tokyo on February 23rd. The topic of his address will be “Business Drones That Will Lead the Second Generation of IoT.” His comments will touch on current trends in IoT, as well as the technology, regulatory and business model aspects of the coming commercial drone boom.

The ITU-AJ coordinates Japanese activities in telecommunications and broadcasting with international activities and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). ITU-AJ members include key members of Japan’s telecom and broadcast industry. The seminars are open to ITU-AJ members.

Nikkei Digital Core Seminar to Highlight Drones and IoT

Aerial Innovation CEO Ryoji Koike will be the featured speaker at the Nikkei Digital Core seminar “2016 Prospects for the U.S. ICT & Media Industry” on January 29th in Tokyo. Ryoji will give his impressions on what he encountered at CES and where he thinks the industry is headed. In particular, he will highlight the prospects for IoT and commercial drones and illustrate the current gap between the U.S. and Japan in this area.

Registration for the event closes on January 27th, but at the time of this post all 50 seats were already booked.