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Welcome to the news on commercial drones in Japan. Let’s jump right in.

We already know Japanese companies have been early adopters of industrial and service robots, driving the growth of a strong Japanese supplier ecosystem. Now connected aerial robots are bringing increased safety, productivity gains, and whole new products and services to a new range of industries. And Japanese innovation and the strength of Japan’s leading manufacturers are the foundation for Japan’s commercial drone supplier ecosystem.

Ryoji Koike and I have been collaborating on covering commercial drones for some time now and consulting on how the flying robot future is going to affect big players in the industries and infrastructure it touches. The reaction to our work has been so positive, and the transformative potential for these technologies is so clear, that we decided it had to become our focus. Ryoji and I have now started Aerial Innovation as the vehicle for our work to help drive the development of commercial drones in the US and Japan.

You’re reading this in English, so you’re probably more interested in what’s going on with commercial drones in Japan. Stay tuned. We’ve got you covered. Some of our first published work will be in Japan, but we’ll have news and insights to share with you here. Also keep an eye out for upcoming events.

Meanwhile, we want to hear from you. Yes, YOU! What do you want to know about commercial drones in Japan — and the rest of the world? How can we help you with the market or the supplier ecosystem in Japan? Hit us up in the comments below, on our contact page, or on Twitter @Aerial_Innov8.