Accessing the Third Dimension

New air mobility and commercial drones

A revolution in the skies is creating a rich vein of new business opportunities. While small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) — commercial drones — are increasing productivity and safety in industrial inspections and making instant last mile package delivery possible, larger electric aircraft are changing how we think of mobility for people and things.

21st Century Infrastructure

We're no longer in the age of centralized, linear infrastructure. The demands of this century are for distributed, 3D infrastructure of commercial drones and eVTOL aircraft for mobility, digitalization, and communications. And the technologies are here now to build the networks and facilities that will power this 3D infrastructure for the next hundred years.

The Opportunity

 The opportunity is to create the distributed, sustainable infrastructure that will enable new air mobility and commercial drones around the world. In addition to the critical role vehicle developers and manufacturers are playing, companies with the foresight to develop and provide mobility services, communications infrastructure, airspace management, operations services, and ground facilities will build infrastructure-scale businesses that become the fabric of society.

What We Do

Connecting the dots


Aerial Innovation is helping enterprises in the new air mobility and commercial drone ecosystems and public policy makers in the U.S. and Japan to navigate and position for success. Our unique perspective provides uncommonly insightful strategy advice. And our thorough support is helping our clients execute on their strategies worldwide.

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